Most artists rely on some degree of inspiration. The unknowable muse, if you will. Sure, 95% of creation is honing one's skills and doing the work, but what about that other 5%? There is a magic ingredient that turns a creative person's effort into what we call "art." I believe this is where inspiration comes in.

In the trajectory of the Life Exposure Project, we are currently at the inspiration stage, playing with our cameras and rolling the Community Questions around in our minds. Perhaps you're stuck and wondering how to go about finding your photographic answers.

Enter: Inspiration. I recently dropped in on Chris Duncan's photography class at Smithers Secondary, and he introduced us to French street artist, JR, and his international photography project called Inside Out. Here's a video of the artist talking about the impact of his project: JR: One year of turning the world inside out.

At the beginning of his talk, JR says: "Twelve years ago, I was in the street writing my name to say, I exist." Through Life Exposure, we hope to give everyone in the Bulkley Valley the chance to say the same. The end result may not turn out to be as monumental as JR's project, but the intention behind it comes from the same place.

So if you're wondering where to start, take a photo that says, I exist. Inspiration will follow.