Workshops Underway!

On Saturday, March 16th Chris Duncan facilitated the first Life Exposure photography workshop at the Old Church in Smithers. With over 20 participants in attendance, the event was a resounding success. From instruction, to inspiration, to hands-on practice, Chris helped us deepen our understanding of the art form and gave us courage to move beyond our automatic settings to create some thrilling, vibrant shots.

The piece of insight that I found most valuable is probably quite basic to seasoned photographers: The difference between a snapshot and a photograph. I hadn't thought of it in this way before. According to Chris, a snapshot is an image taken in the spur of the moment, without much consideration for composition and/or lighting. A photograph, on the other hand, is acheived when one takes into account the arrangement of elements in the viewfinder, employs "pre-focus" with the shutter, and considers the optimal settings for lighting in a particular environment.

Chris helped us decode the menu on our digital cameras and move beyond a practice of creating endless snapshots. Don't miss his upcoming Photo Workshops that run throughout April and May at Smithers Secondary School. To find out more, visit Chris' website at Synergy Arts.


Friday, April 26th, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. | MAPPING YOUR COMMUNITY: Creative Expression and Photo Transfer with Perry Rath

Friday, May 17th (evening) + Sunday, May 19th (morning) | Community, Culture & Identity: 2-Part Photo Workshop with Mike Ambach (participants can attend one session, or both)

To register for either of these FREE workshops, contact Melissa at More events and activities are in store, so stay tuned!